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Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee


The Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheepeeeee for OS X is a port of Leon Gruenbaum’s microtonal relative pitch musical instrument, originally built as embedded XT hardware. This OS X version is in active development, being the one that Leon now uses for live and session work. More info can be found on Leon’s page.

Some comments on Leon’s playing using the Samchillian:

“Congratulations on a very creative idea and thanks for your contribution toward helping us all break free from mechanically-bound music interfaces…Your instrument design is inspired, beautiful and poetic…P.S. Great guitar-like solo! You’re quite a good player and that instrument truly excels at fast playing.”

– Roger Linn, inventor of Linn Drum, the first drum machine to use samples, and many other devices, including the MPC drum machine series (with AKAI) and most recently AdrennaLinn – novel guitar processor and drum machine in one.

“…there is the opportunity for instruments to take input from the musician and to take make algorithmic determinations as to what note(s) to initiate. The idea of a particular key initiating an offset rather than a specific note is clearly an intriguing step in this direction.”

– Raymond Kurzweil, pioneer of sampling technology, author of “The Spiritual Life of Machines”, in which he predicts that in a century there will be no meaningful distinction between man and machine.

“Probably does everything except what you want it to do.”

– Marvin Minsky, Artificial Intelligence guru, M.I.T. Media Lab
This comment came shortly before the demonstration, after which he seemed suitably impressed.

“I thought the keyboard was extremely interesting and intelligent, in all sorts of ways. And its clear he himself is a virtuoso on it.”

– Evan Ziporyn,
Professor of Music, M.I.T.

“Oh, two-fingered guru.”

– Vance, DrumCore

“I’m content to just bang on various combinations of W,E,S,D on one side and J, K,L,O,P on the other- which sounds like Thelonius Monk on crack playing a duet with Sun Ra in the year 4000, which is good enough for me.”

– Ian McGehee, beta tester

“…With his Harvard Business School looks…needling tone…long solos…onanistic…hideously employed…grating whinny…with the rapidity of a mosquito that had drained a caffeine freak, conjuring visions of Dustin Hoffman strapped to a dentist’s chair.”

– Ted Drozdowski of the Boston Phoenix, reviewing Vernon Reid Masque show, Boston 5-20-04

“I was watching you perform, and I decided you are a combination of Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, and Bill Gates.”

– Marcelo from Argentina

“Sounds like a cross between the Teletubbies and Joe Zawinul.”

– Joy Askew


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