Check Sourceforge.

Finally, brightness control! Press Y to cycle through brightness levels on NDS Lites. Sorry, it won’t do anything on the Phat.

X still inverts colors.

Thanks to everyone who have sent in reports, problems, and commendations. It all helps.

Note that there are bug and feature request tracking lists on the Sourceforge project page; you can enter issues there.

ADDENDUM: some have had trouble with getting the font to load on startup. I’ve seen trouble too. I’ve released 1.0.2 to try to address this. NOTE, however, the locations of files will revert to the old ‘everything in the same directory’ scheme. Probably the root, but a subfolder might work! Sorry I can’t be more certain but I misplaced my DS! 😦 Testing with other than an emulator is a little hard right now.