I’ve been working on a homebrew ebook reader for the Nintendo Dual Screen game console. Generally I want something with the best properties of MS Reader. I’m shooting for these features:

  • antialiased, proportional, kerned, selectable TrueType outline fonts with size control
  • support for XML, XHTML and DocBook documents (HTML must be tidied)
  • bookmarks and memorization of last page viewed for each book
  • library screen for selection of any of all eBooks available on all media

I have a good part of the font rendering done, the ragged line endings show that the layout heuristic still needs fixing. XML can be read. This snapshot is from a NDS emulator.

I am using libnds, expat and freetype2. Anyone interested in codeveloping or being a test user should contact me. I need to contact the people on Sourceforge who want to do something that sounds similar.